Social media campaigns need these 5 essentials

Social media campaigns are a very effective digital marketing tool for getting your products or services in front of the right audience, and can be very cost effective.

The traffic generated will be highly targeted, and the participants are more likely to transform into customers than guests who unearthed your site using a search engine.

Here at The Just Brand any social media campaign we manage always has the following 5 key ingredients.

Clear social media campaign goals

You and your team need to agree on what you want to achieve. We focus on 3 key areas to start;

  1. Why start the campaign?
  2. Is a campaign right for your business at this moment?
  3. Are you able to monitor and follow up your campaign?

Planning your campaign is different from creating a social media marketing strategy, you have to choose different objectives.

  • Your goals should match your overall company goals and social media objectives.
  • They should be quantifiable goals, so you can shift your focus if things don’t go to plan.

Which social media network

You will need to carefully choose which social network to set up your campaign.

From Facebook to Twitter or LinkedIn and Instagram, to name just a few, there are so many choices for you to consider.

You could consider working with a social media management company, who can help you accurately decide which social network is right for you.

You have to carefully pick the social networks you’ll use for your campaign, and whether paid advertising will be an aspect of your campaign.

How and when to engage

It is essential that customers see your brand engaging with genuine people. It helps to validate your social presence and humanise your brand.

Connect with people who comment, like or share your content and express gratitude to them. Be informal but respectful, call them by their name and link up with them.

Putting your collected content to use

Share the best quality campaign content you get across your other online and offline marketing channels.

You can print this on flyers, brochures, posters and more. Remember to seek the consent of your consumers before getting carried away with sharing their honest feedback.

Measure and examine

Make good use of the analytics tools each social network provides. If you’re getting a handful of notice or re-tweets like clockwork, you’ll know it’s time to reassess the campaign strategy.

Evaluate your original objectives. Your monitoring efforts will likewise give you a general thought of your campaign’s ubiquity.

By using these social media campaign tactics you are sure to get a great outcome.

The above 5 stages are sure to give your social media campaign great results

Have you launched any social media campaigns? We would love to hear about your experiences and what results you got?

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