How good was your first computer?

The Just Brand team talk about their first computers.

Technology has come along way since the first computers. There are things that haven’t changed too, most computers are comprised of a screen and an input device (keyboard, mouse, touch screen, track pad etc).

Nathan, Co-Founder and Director

I had an 8-bit Acorn Electron. I had to share it with my brother and sister, which was never easy!

I used it for programming and gaming. Programming was made up of many lines of BASIC code, which was easy to learn, You saved your programming, and loaded games, from an audio cassette through a tape player.

Our monitor was a black and white TV, with analogue tuning.


Brian, Co-Founder and Director

I had a Commodore 64, I played Quasimodo on it. I loved it! I didn’t have a joystick so used the keyboard. No luxuries here. 

Kate, Client Services Administrator

My first computer was an Amstrad Word Processor. I can’t remember the model but it looked like this one.

We got it in 1998 when I was still living at my mums. I’m not entirely sure why we had it but it sat on a cupboard under the stairs till we got a Windows XP desktop just before I left home.



Francois, Web and App Developer

My first computer was a Windows 3.1. Used to play Lion King and Prince of Persia on it. Also loved Golden Axe and later on Mortal Kombat of course.

Luke, Junior Developer

I had a Windows 95. The first PC game I had was a floppy disk game of Star Wars: X-Wing. I think it was my uncles and I would play that a lot. I was never any good, but it was fun, I was 7.

Haydn, Junior Developer

My first computer was a really old bad laptop that was from a company called “E-Machines’. It was probably the worse bit of technology I have ever had.

Kallum, Head of Paid Search and Social

The first computer that I bought myself was a 2015 MacbookPro, I saved up for a whole year for it (working at Waitrose! Lots of shelf stacking). I bought it because I found my passion for photography & Video & wanted to be able to edit my photos & videos on a device that can keep up with the workflow.

I still use that today & it has enabled me to work effectively in over 10 countries. It only died one time in the whole time I have had it (But fortunately it was revived) Other than that it has had no problems at all. Touch wood.