Healthy Digital Presence

What is a Digital Presence?

We all occupy space online. Even if you don’t have a website or social media accounts.  You may not even realise how much data is kept on your business on the internet.

Digital presence is the space we take up on the web. This includes websites, social media, apps and online advertising. A healthy digital presence is when your business has a lot of positive chatter around it. A strong website, active relevant social media accounts, working functioning apps & plenty of fresh non-spam online advertising.

In this current online dependant climate, a potential customer will Google your business name & find out as much as possible, they will take note of reviews, social media comments, blogs by influencers and many other sources of information both good & bad, in order to build a picture of your company. They will use this to make decisions on whether to purchase or not.

To maintain a healthy digital presence there are a few key areas to concrete on:


First off make sure you have a website, people do still search for a companies website before heading to social media. It’s important to make sure you have both. A website doesn’t need bells and whistles, something simple with 2 or 3 pages is more than adequate. Make sure it’s mobile friendly and has current information.


Do not underestimate the power of a blog.

What is a blog?

Blog is short for web log. It can be a diary or journal, a series of recipes, how-to guides or articles such as this one. If you’re unsure where to start, Google some of your interests and you will almost definitely find a blog to start reading.

A blog will boost your online presence and will contribute to SEO. Keep it current, relevant and fresh.


You can read more about getting started in social media here.

Pick your social media channels carefully engage with your audience, stay active (post at least once a week but preferably more and keep your posts relevant and fresh).


Building a direct mail list through your website or social media channels then sending out a weekly or monthly email newsletter or information about your latest offers, discounts or newest products is such a simple way of increasing your digital footprint. There is no need to spam your subscribers though.


Engaging with your audience can be tricky, making sure you include interesting images that are eye-catching and relevant can be a simple but very effective way of capturing your followers’ attention. For an even stronger way to make an impact use videos. Create vlogs for your blog page, use a video in place of an ‘about us’ page. Videos can increase your SEO rankings too.

Some great ways to create a positive online presence, one that will stand out in the crowd.  If you need additional help to improve your business’s reputation or increase your audience engagement in your social media accounts; contact us to see if we can assist you.