Formulate a Brand Position for Your Product or Service

The way you position your brand should be an important aspect of your marketing strategy. 

Creating a clear perception of your brand will help you become visible, and stay in the hearts and minds of your customers.

Get your position on point, never let it be an after-thought, it should be the basis of your marketing strategy. 

Why does it matter anyway?

The excessive marketing that your customers are already exposed to can create a brain overload, to the extent of making them averse to any new advertisements.

You must grab your audience, changing their perception of your product, and make them appreciate it even better.

Positioning has worked really well for some brands in the market, by establishing new niches.

Some established players in the market will be difficult to tackle head on. You will need an alternative approach to win.

A successful Brand in action, and working.

7UP created a very good brand positioning strategy

Rather than facing the established Pepsi and Coke, 7UP through their 1970’s “Uncola” campaign were able to define a new niche for themselves, changing the perceptions of the audience.

showing the difference between you and your competitors will provide the perfect and unique selling proposition that makes your product sell.

Make it work for you.

Creating a position will require your marketing team to understand how your competitors perceive and advertise themselves.

Do they claim to be;

  • The fastest?
  • Cheapest?
  • Or number one?

Having understood their positioning, you can now think of the opposite of it and make it work for you.

How can you maneuver with the opposite of your competitor’s position to obtain the best brand placement for your brand?

While Hertz remains to be the number one company within the car rental industry, Avis came up with their “We Try Harder” brand positioning.

Such a strategy can work well when it’s hard to confront your competitor head on.

Sensibility check! Questions to ask yourself…

Creating a brand position for your product or service demands an explicit interrogation and investigation of your target market.

You will need to address several questions such as;

  • Who are your competitors?
  • What positioning have they used?
  • How can I create a brand positioning that will change the perceptions of the audience?

After clearly understanding these questions, then you can implement a brand positioning strategy that will be highly successful for your product or service.

Positioning your brand is something you never want to change once it’s in place, so it’s critical to have something you can commit to long-term.

Do you think positioning is just hype, or do you believe it can make a difference in your marketing efforts?

Have you got any examples of positioning that’s gone right or wrong?

Tell us about them in the comments.