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Rocking You Like a Hurricane!

The Uptown Monotones are a fusion band that formed in Graz, Austria in 1993. Their repertoire features a fresh mix of off-beat, driving pop songs, unique cover versions and a barrage of electronic and ethno-inspired improvisational performances. The mix of beatbox, acoustic guitar and polyphonic singing gives the audience energetic performances full of heights and sensations.

They became known to a wider audience through the Austrian talent show Die große Chance after making it through to and winning the 2012 final, making them arguably the best live band in the country.

From this huge boost in reputation, their audience grew and before they knew it, they found themselves touring Europe. 2017 brought them to the UK.

Their Challenge

The aim was to generate awareness of the bands upcoming UK tour and grow their UK twitter audience and engagement level

Targeted Strategy

The Uptown Monotones needed to reach a wider social media audience and build a credible following in Twitter to enable them to create a targeted marketing strategy.

Social Media Presence

Like most up and coming bands, they decided to take to social media to promote their gigs and UK Tour. With their main following being in their home country of Austria, the UK tour was offering them an exciting opportunity with a brand new and potentially huge audience.

Develop Followers

Their Twitter account had 135 followers, and by obtaining sponsorship from none other than Jäger Music, The Uptown Monotones were looking to increase that tenfold...but where to start?

Our Solution

The Just Brand successfully created and implemented a social media strategy for the initial week-long UK Tour in May 2017, which was met with outstanding results. By building popular hashtags into the social media strategy, such as #JagerMusic #BeatBox #Musicboom and #TUM, in one week The Uptown Monotones’ Twitter followers increased from 135 to a massive 1,500, giving the band the all-important exposure they needed ahead of and during their first ever UK tour.  

The outcome

Following the success of their first UK Tour and the already improved Twitter following, the band returned to the UK a further two times in 2017 and instructed The Just Brand to create and implement social media strategies again for each tour. The end result is a staggering 1800+ Twitter followers and a very successful and enjoyable year for the band.

A Triumph 

The Just Brand and The Uptown Monotones continue to work together promoting awareness of UK tours. Recent twitter campaigns have achieved high engagement and helped drive ticket sales.

Big Boost

The Just Brand’s custom twitter campaign delivered high social engagement and an increase in twitter followers from 135 to 1,500 in one week. 

Social Media Management Services

The Just Brand continue to create and implement social media strategies for The Uptown Monotones, implementing a whole host of social media management services. The strong maintenance of a social media presence continues to help the band grow and expands their exposure further.

Carefully researched posts, campaigning and audience targeted content on social media can have a huge impact. Creating influential social platforms cannot happen overnight, a social media strategy needs to be established and executed appropriately depending on specific audiences.

Social Media can deliver incredible results and with the right guidance can help increase company growth and visibility in competitive markets.

“Me and the boys wanna say thank you for your awesome work on our twitter!!! I have to say this was an intense but extremely successful tour so it looks like we are back in may!!! Big digital hugs BIG UP”

verN and the boys

The Uptown Monotones