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Handsfree Group believe success is built on ambition, integrity and strong work ethics. The Handsfree Group team help develop the business on a day to day basis and uphold a focus on quality and customer care.

They are an established specialist provider and installer of vehicle technology products in the UK and North America, working with the Transport, Logistics and Emergency Services Sectors for over a decade.

With an extensive product portfolio, which they supply and install for customers, it was essential for Handsfree Group to move their portfolio online. They needed to stay visible against competitors and provide customers with an access point to all their products.

Their Challenge

The challenge was high. Handsfree Group needed over 2000 communication, safety and security products for the transport, logistics and fleet services industries on a easily accessible ecommerce website.

Fully Developed Website Design

Handsfree Group needed a new website design, development, hosting infrastructure and integration of a multi-site CMS for their new online catalogue.

Catalogue Transfer

Online transfer of an extensive product range into a new online system to provide an easily accessible platform to enhance customer experience.

Elite Navigation

There was a need for sophisticated help tools to be created to ensure effortless navigation and customer ease.

our solution

The results were a successful Vehicle TechStore for Handsfree Group. Their customers can now easily navigate through communication, safety and security products discovering the best suited products for their fleet or personal use.

Customers can purchase products, arrange an installation date with the Install teams, FITAS and MECP approved engineers, and therefore enjoy better safety, security and communications for their entire fleet.

A innovative installation calculator was also developed, evolving and improving the installation process. When customers are purchasing a product, they can click the ‘Add Installation’ button which allows them to type in their post code and a installation cost is quickly calculated.


The outcome

Increased Visibility

The Just Brand are confident the new website will help boost customer awareness of Handsfree Group’s vast product portfolio and therefore continue to financially benefit the company.  

Excellent Performance

The Just Brand were able to develop the Tech Store website within industry benchmark load times. This skillful development has provided the site with effortless fast speed and a high SEO score, helping to improve customer ease and the company’s visibility.

Strong Business Relationships

The Just Brand recognise the importance of strong business relationships and strive to maintain secure connections with the businesses they work with.

Handsfree Group and The Just Brand continue to work harmoniously together on the growth of Handsfree Group, through a wide spectrum of The Just Brand’s services and expertise.

“I would highly recommend working with The Just Brand. Throughout the process of building our website, they have proactively tackled complex problems and illustrated their exceptional understanding of their field.”


Managing Director