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Incredible Opportunities

Cowin Music believe in enhancing everyone’s on the go potential and ambition to provide an amazing sound quality experience for all.

They have a successful range of market leading, bluetooth speakers and headphones which quickly succeeded in China and their 500 employees work extremely hard to advance the brand further.

But Cowin Music saw an enormous opportunity that was essential for the company’s continued growth, the expansion of their brand to the rest of the world.

Their Challenge

The Just Brand came on board to help Cowin Music with the challenge of brand mapping and evolution.

Brand Evolution

Despite their successful reception across China, Cowin Music needed to evolve their brand in order to succeed in new international markets.

Market Positioning

It was essential for the company's success to transform their marketing strategy when approaching a new market for their products.

Successful Launch

To ensure a successful launch, it was necessary to choose a focussed range of the most appropriate products to accompany their new branding.

Our Solution

The Just Brand provided a full brand spectrum, evolving Cowin Europe to a new and modern aesthetic that was appropriate for the new markets they wanted to enter.

An early significant step was guiding Cowin through a crowd fund marketing strategy, building out a Kickstarter campaign which successfully reached the goal of £53,000 in just 30 days, selling over 500 Bluetooth Speakers.

The next phase was to create a new stand out website. The Just Brand produced Cowin Europe’s website through their own in house design and development teams. They equipped the website with optimum ecommerce solutions which was assisted with paid advertising campaigns in Facebook and Google.

To maintain the new sleek aesthetic, The Just Brand also utilised their studio and lifestyle photography expertise, providing an extensive photographic portfolio which was used across the website and on other platforms.

The Just Brand saw the importance of boosting Cowin Europe’s visibility in international markets. This was achieved by the careful construction and handling of several marketing campaigns which increased Cowin’s exposure in UK, US and rest of world.

The outcome

A Triumph 

By working with The Just Brand, on their essential international launch, Cowin Europe was propelled successfully into a challenging market and achieved great visibility in a highly competitive sector.

The Success

Cowin Music’s new branding and product launch was a huge success receiving 50,000 orders across 27 countries in just 12 months.

The Future of Cowin Europe

Cowin Europe was incredibly happy with the results of the launch. Both companies have formed a strong working relationship and Cowin Europe utilises a wide spectrum of The Just Brand’s services ongoing.

The Just Brand continues to help Cowin Europe grow, stay innovative and be visible in the super-competitive markets they operate across. They are able to increase brand exposure through managing ongoing social media and marketing strategies, search engine optimization and brand positioning.

“The Just Brand Successfully evolved our brand, and developed our website, so it could be well positioned into new markets to win new business. They took us from being an unknown brand outside of China to launching us across 27 countries in just 12 months using their unique services.”


MD Cowin Europe