6 Things to Consider Before Launching Your App

6 Things to Consider Before Launching Your App


After coding and testing an app, you will often feel very confident to launch it on app stores. However, you need to be reminded that most startups make mistakes between the moments of coding completion and the uploading of the app.  These moments are no doubt very crucial to the success of your app.

TJB will take the time to introduce you to some strategic procedures that will enable you to launch your app happily on the app store.  They include;

What’s Your Marketing Plan?

Before launching your app on an app store, you should first consider how to create the awareness of your app to its potential users. Having a website for the app that explains it, as well as to carry information about the update and future development plans, will be a good means to create awareness of your app. The wide use of social media is also a critical channel to market your app.

How Are You Going to Fix Bugs?

After testing your app successfully, you may be embarrassed by unexpected bugs arising after launching it. This will lead to a poor rating of your newly launched app. It will, therefore, be best for you to maintain the original app developer as the bug fixer. This is taking into consideration the fact that they designed and coded the app and so they will better understand it and fix errors efficiently and quickly. Other developers and agencies can also help, but it is best to keep the original developer close.

Where Are The Power Users?

Identifying power users of your app and developing marketing strategies that will create awareness about your app to them is very important. This is because they are also decision makers and they equally provide you with feedback on all aspects of your app. Such feedback from them will help you identify areas in your app that need improvement to make it more engaging to users.How

Are You Outreaching?

By identifying prominent bloggers, using search engines and outreaching to the network of your industry, you will be able to generate more leads to your app. This means if your app solves accounting problems, reach out to accounting bloggers to review your app. This can be seen as a more precise and effective type of marketing that can help build the reputation of your site.

Are You Tracking?

By tracking the users of your app, you can identify where a user disengages from the app. This can be done by using tracking and analytical APIs that help track user engagement. These APIs provide you with statistics based on user behaviour. This makes them helpful when it comes to making improvements.

Understanding All the T and C’s

It is very important to understanding all the terms and conditions of the app store you intend to launch your app in. It is even better to understand these terms and conditions before you even create an app. This will enable you to avoid publishing prohibited contents.


Are you planning to create and launch an app?  Have you tried before?  We would love to hear your experiences.

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