5 Paid Advertising Challenges

Creating a Facebook page or a Twitter profile for your business is straight forward. The real challenge is making sure your page or profile adds value to the growth of your business. Paid advertising can be a useful tool to help you achieve this.

To help achieve faster business growth, some businesses have decided to make use of paid advertising services like Google Adwords to help them boost their social media presence. Though such paid services can help your business achieve a quick growth, there are some challenges for you to navigate;

1. Don’t be too broad in your paid advertising

For your product or service to sell, it must be able to satisfy the needs of potential buyers. It is therefore important for you to know who needs your product or service, where are they located and why they would be interested in your offer.

The best type of paid advertising you can sign up to is one that allows you to refine your audience targeting across all of the social networks.

2. Lack of Re-Targeting and Tracking

An effective marketing campaign needs to continually position memories in someones mind.

To help this you should re-market your paid advertising, allowing your marketing efforts to show up in other places throughout the internet, after their first impression on your target customer.

Such places can be reached using tools like Google’s Display Network.

3. Rubbish Landing Experience

The reason for spending money on social paid advertising is to achieve increased results, it isn’t about how much you spend, but more about the results that you achieve.

To get a better result, your marketing efforts have to be consistent over all levels. Make sure the message you have positioned is reflected in the place you land your new prospect.

Your website home page isn’t always the best place to land a new prospect who clicks through from one of your targeted adverts. Designing a dedicated campaign landing page can make a big difference in your goal conversion rates.

4. Irrelevant Content

It is important to make sure the content of your paid advertisement is as attractive as possible to your targeted audience.

You can do this by using strong headlines, as well as using the right images to complement your content.

However what is most effective for you? To find out you should split test every campaign ensuring you build out several adverts that can compete with each other for best goal conversion. Only then can you confidently dial in an advert combination that is tuned for success.

5. Engagement and Data Collection

It is important that your paid search and social campaign is able to make a positive contribution to your business even long after you have launched it.

Build engagement and data collection into your goals. Encourage your audience to leave their contact details, and keep in touch with them.

So there you have it, 5 of the biggest challenges in front of anyone venturing into paid advertising for the first time.

Have you tried paid advertising out before? What was your experience and what did you find worked best for you?